28 april 2019 | Writer: Leonie
could should would

Could, should of would?

Wat is nu het verschil tussen could, should en would? Het is een veelgestelde vraag als het gaat over Engelse grammatica. Toch is het ontzettend handig als je deze vormen goed kunt gebruiken , vooral in zakelijk Engels. Daarom hoor je in deze podcast wanneer je welke vorm gebruikt. Inclusief handige voorbeeldzinnen!


Voorbeeldzinnen uit de podcast


When I was younger, I couldn’t speak English at all. But now I can.
Could you turn on the airco, please?
Could I use your phone, please?
That story could be true. Who knows!
If we want to attract more clients, we could be more active on social media.


You should take an umbrella in case it rains.
You should go to the doctor.
I think you should call her.
Should I say sorry first?
What should I do?
I think that people shouldn’t take sensitive case files home from work.


If I were president, I would do things very different.
If people wouldn’t care about money, life would be so much easier.
Would you like some coffee?
Would you like to join us for dinner?

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